get your MAG blowers sorted out for ...

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Get your MAG blowers sorted out for the freddyfiles !



FREDDYFILES IS A NO PUB MEETING ! that is why we ask friendly to get in contact with us to put your flyers or goodies in our GOODIEBAGS !

FREDDYFILES is een NO PUB MEETING ! daarom vragen wij vriendelijk om de flyers en of goodies op te sturen naar ons om in de GOODIEBAGS te steken !

FREDDYFILES est un meeting NO PUB ! c'est pour ca qu'on vous demande de nous contacter afin de pouvoir mettre vos flyers ou goodies dans notre GOODIEBAG !!!



the ultimate VINTAGE VELOCITY car ???


the ultimate vintage velocity car ? I hope we will see one of the few survivors in Ninove, a Mach 1 as built by D'Ieteren in 1964, with OKRASA engine ... where are the approximatly 100 built cars ???




The engine bay of a hebmuller is the ideal location of an oldspeed engine ... you have all the room for those twin solexes, and external oil filter and cooler ... for that extra push in your back ... this oldspeed engine is the ultimate cherry on the cake !



THE VINTAGE VELOCITY ... it's all about engine tuning in the 50/60ies ... double carbing, judsonising, or chorrock supercharging ... what is your choice ? Bring along YOUR souped up vintage speed volkswagen to win on of the PRIZES !

the party on saturday night - sunday morning !


DID YOU KNOW - een leuk wistjedatje ! - that Fernando will host a party @ROXYs in the towncenter that will be themed ??? The theme of this party this year will be OKTOBERFEST - be the first to enjoy YOUR oktoberfest on saturday night MARCH 15th ! Fernando will give a prize for the most beautifull HELGA and the most german FLORIAN ! PROZIT !

the Freddyfiles 2014


Freddyfiles 2014 ... will be in the sign of the vintage oldspeed bugs n'busses ... hence the name "the vintage velocity" don't hesitate to bring along your judson blown or chorrock charged split or oval aircooler - but also note you're welcome with any kind of aircooled volkswagen and/or old Porsche !

Note the date ! march 16th will be day that ninove turns into an aircooled funfest !