HEADLIGHT SETTINGS (for our UK visitors)

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(For our UK visitors) BEWARE ... last minute tweaking on your headlights ! as read on the AA website:

If you're driving to the Continent and using headlights then you must adjust the headlamp beam pattern to suit driving on the right so that the dipped beam doesn't dazzle oncoming drivers. (i can be dazzled by these jugs!)

The legal requirement is to 'not cause dazzle to oncoming drivers (or jugs)' rather than specifically to adjust/convert headlamp beam pattern. Even if only a short trip and your plans do not entail driving at night, delays can not be predicted or the weather can change suddenly so the AA recommends that you always adapt your headlights (i'll do that' please ma'am can i adjust your headlight set?) or at the very least take the means with you to do so.

Don't leave it to the last minute to check with the dealer or the car's handbook for advice – It might be necessary for a dealer to make an adjustment for you.

Headlamp beam converter kits are widely available but may not all be suitable for all types of headlights :-) the bigger the better !

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